Fraud Alert - CRA/Immigration Scam

The Peel Police has issued an alert for citizens to be aware of various scam attempts from persons posing as Government Officials from various federal agencies including Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Things to know:

► Canadian Government Officials WILL NOT contact you directly and demand money in exchange for securing your Canadian status;

►The Canadian Government DOES NOT accept payments via Western Union, Money Grams, prepaid Credit Cards or through wire transfers to a foreign country.

Things to look for:

► A call from someone posing as a Government Official from CIC indicating that there are outstanding fees due to incorrect information provided on your immigration applications;

► A call from someone posing as a Government Official from the CRA indicating that a tax audit has been conducted and outstanding taxes are owed;

►Threats from the caller indicating that a warrant for your arrest is outstanding and will be executed if payment is not made immediately;

►Specific payment instructions which may include making Western Union or Money Gram transfers, wire transfers oversees or taxis been sent to your home to facilitate transportation to your financial institution.

What to do if you receive this type of call:

► DO NOT make a payment or provide your personal information. Verify the information provided by calling the numbers provided on the CIC and CRA official websites;

► Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre if you would like to report the incident;

Visit us at the IEC if you have any questions or would like support in addressing this issue.