How Long Does a Study Take?

For the majority of our in-person studies you will be requested to visit the centre once, but some studies require that you visit the centre on more than one occasion. The duration of each visit is usually between 30 to 45 minutes.

Online studies consist of a 10-25 minute Zoom meeting with a researcher and can be completed in the comfort of your own home. 

What Does Participating in a Study Entail?

For in-person studies, infants and toddlers will be asked sit on your lap and listen to some stories or watch some short videos. Older children will be asked to play games on a computer  or with a researcher, after which they may be asked to answer some questions. At the end of the study, your child will receive a small gift.

Most online studies consist of a 10-25 minute Zoom meeting where you will meet with a researcher and be given information about the study. Some studies are asynchronous and you will be provided with a link to a game that your child can complete at a time when it's most convenient for them. Other studies are synchronous and your child will be guided through some activities with a researcher over Zoom.

What Will I Learn About My Child's Development?

Most of our studies look at the average performance of large groups of children, and compare average performance at different ages or under different conditions. The UTM Infant and Child Studies Centre publishes a regular newsletter describing some of the important findings from the various studies taking place at the Centre. The most recent newsletter can be found here.

When Can I Participate?

Appointments for online and in-person studies are available 7 days a week.  We will do everything we can to find a match between your schedule and the researcher's schedule in order to make it convenient for you to participate.

How Often Will I Be Asked to Participate?

We may call you as often as once or twice a month to tell you about new studies that we are running and ask you if you are interested in participating.

Can I Bring My Other Children Along?

Please be sure to inform our scheduler if you would like to bring a sibling or other child with you to your appointment. We have toys and games to ensure that their time in the lab is fun.

Will I Be Separated From My Child?

No. You will be with your child during the entire study session and throughout your trip into the lab.

Will I Be Compensated?

For in-person studies you or your child may choose a book or a "Junior Scientist" t-shirt and will receive a personalized "Junior Scientist" certificate when the study is complete. Your child will receive a gift card after participating in an online study in addition to a "Junior Scientist" certificate.

Where are you located?

We are located on the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus at 3359 Mississauga Road between Dundas St. and Burnhamthorpe Rd.