Child Language and Speech Studies (CLASS) Lab, Childhood Learning and Development (ChiLD) Lab, & Language, Attention, Music, & Audition (LAMA) Lab



Once inside the campus, stay on Outer Circle Road. Free parking for participants is provided in the parking garage located beneath the Communication, Culture & Technology (CCT) building, which can be accessed from Parking Lot 9. Drive to the back of Parking Lot 9 following the “CCT parking garage” and  “Invited Families and Seniors” signs. Once inside the parking garage, please proceed down to level P1 and park in the reserved parking spaces located to the left hand side of the elevators. These are labeled with an “Invited Families and Seniors” sign. Please call the lab once you have parked and we will meet you downstairs with a parking pass.

  • Child Language and Speech Studies (CLASS) Lab: 905-569-4859
  • Childhood Learning and Development (ChiLD) Lab: 905-569-4874
  • Language, Attention, Music, & Audition (LAMA) Lab: 905-569-4863

Taking the Bus

  • Mississauga Transit
    Route 110 - University, Route 101 - Dundas Express, Route 1C - Dundas, and Route 44 - Mississauga Road bus routes include a stop at U of T Mississauga.
  • GO Transit
    Nearest GO Stations: Erindale Station and Clarkson Station
  • Brampton Transit
    Route 8 - Centre stops at Square One Terminal. From there, take Mississauga Transit Route 24 that connects with 1C to U of T Mississauga.
  • Oakville Transit
    Route 24 - South Common Mall travels from Trafalgar VIA and GO Station to South Common Mall. From South Common Mall, take 1C to U of T Mississauga

Lab for Social-Emotional Development and Intervention (SEDI)



Once inside the campus, stay on Outer Circle Road until you reach the Maanjiwe Nendamowinan (MN) building and you see Parking Lot 1 (green P1 sign). Turn into the parking lot (P1) and look for a spot marked with “RESERVED PARKING - SEDI LAB”. A member of our lab will be there to meet you upon your arrival with a parking pass.