Print System FAQ

How do I release a print job?

Swipe your T-Card at one of the multifunction printers located at various locations on campus.  Select the job to print from list of jobs displayed on touch screen and select print. You can also use UTM Print Center to submit and release your print job without touching the printer.

How do I add funds to PrintCopy account?

You can now add funds online using a credit card or use a cash-to-card machine ($5, $10 or $20 bills) located at the Library Print Centre.

Can I use PrintCopy account for other services on campus?

PrintCopy account is only for copy and print service.

Can non-UTM students use the new print system?

New print system is only avaiable to UTM registered students.

Can faculty and staff use the new print system?

This service is only available to UTM registered students.