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Hello UTM Community, 

We have some exciting news regarding new updates to Microsoft Power Automate

In case you didn’t already know, Microsoft Power Automate is a software tool that allows you to create automated workflows (called “Flows”) between various popular applications and services (like Excel, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, etc.) You can automate your repetitive tasks and business processes to increase efficiency and save time. 

Power Automate is already available to all U of T Staff & Faculty via https://make.powerautomate.com, and starting on September 19th, UTM I&ITS will be providing the fully featured version of Power Automate to the UTM community on demand! (If you are already using Power Automate you will be upgraded to the fully licensed version automatically!)

Visit Power Automate


Licensed Features for Flow Makers 


Share Icon  Share Flows – You can now Share your Flows with others. When you create a flow that you and your team find useful, you can host and share it with them. This is helpful for allowing a group or team to all access the Flow to make any updates or changes as needed. 

Copy Icon  Copy Flows – Now you can send a Copy of your Flows to others. This differs from sharing Flows in that it copies the steps and structure of the Flow without any of the connectors. The person receiving it will need to connect to their own accounts and data sources, so it is an independent copy of the Flow.


Introducing The UTM Flow Template Library 


We will be offering Power Automate Flows that we have created for the entire UTM community. You can view the current list of templates offered.

If you would like to use Power Automate Flows, but don’t want to start from scratch by creating your own, you can view a list of pre-created available Flows that may be of interest to you and do the following: 

  1. Request access to receive it. 
  2. We will send a copy of the Flow to your Power Automate account. 
  3. You follow the included set-up guide and sign into your own connectors/accounts. 
  4. Turn the Flow on and that’s it. 

More will be added regularly, so check back for updates. If you are interested in using any of the Flow Templates, or if you have any requests for Flows that you think we should add, please do not hesitate to reach out!  


Additional Resources and Support 


To get started yourself on using Power Automate and creating Flows: 

Some additional guides on how to complete common tasks

Stuck on a Flow or would like some guidance on building your Flow? 

Have an idea for a Flow or some Automation opportunities? 


Office Hours and Workshops 


Clock Icon  Power Automate Office Hours: We will be hosting virtual bi-weekly drop-in office hours starting September 20th. Join our upcoming drop-in every other Wednesday @ 3:00pm.

Workshop Icon  Power Automate Workshops: We will also be hosting Workshops to introduce, breakdown, and build up UTM Flow templates from the template library! Check out some upcoming workshops.

Get Started


To get started with automating your work with the fully licensed version of Power Automate, submit a ticket asking for Power Automate access to receive it within 2 business days.

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