Equipment Purchase and Standards

New Computer Purchase and Standards

U of T Mississauga's preferred vendor for computer purchases is Dell.  All other vendors are supported on best effort basis.  Any warranty repairs outside of the preferred vendors are responsibility of the buyer and the vendor they purchased the equipment from. We also recommend purchasing extended warranties for work related desktops and laptops.

Users should always contact the Service Desk before making any purchases.  Any systems that do not comply with UTM Privacy Policy require an exemption approval from UTM FIPPA office.

Please be advised that as a minimum full disk or device encryption is required. Even though a particular computer may support encryption it may not necessarily integrate easily with our Secure Managed Desktop environment, please consult with us prior to purchase.

Devices that rely primarily on clouds services for operation, such as ChromeBooks and other tablets, if used for work can put you in violation of University of Toronto policy. While they have their uses, these devices are typically not well suited for a professional environment. Please consider the likely uses for a device before you make a purchase and when in doubt contact us beforehand.

The current minimum configuration for new staff/faculty desktop computers and laptops, including Mac(s), is listed below.  Please contact Service Desk if you require additional information.

Microsoft Campus Licence Agreement

Under Microsoft Campus Licence Agreement with the University of Toronto, Staff and Faculty are eligible to upgrade both Microsoft Office and the Windows Operating System (OS) for any PC/Mac (desktop or laptop) ordered for University use. This covers the Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office for University owned equipment, including installation of Windows OS on Mac(s) as virtual machines and/or using BootCamp.

Because of this agreement, when ordering PCs from Dell, please select the least expensive version of Windows listed on the Dell order site which happens to be Windows 10 Home 64-bit with no media. During the computer setup, I&ITS will replace the OS to the Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit edition at no extra cost and install a copy of Microsoft Office.

For any questions or require clarification, please contact the Service Desk or submit a ticket.

Minimum Configuration

Whether PC or Mac, technology is always changing. Computers that are being used by Staff and Faculty must comply with UTM Privacy Policy. Users should always contact the Service Desk before making any purchases. Any systems that do not comply with UTM Privacy Policy require an exemption approval from UTM FIPPA office.

Orders for Dell and Apple computers can be placed directly by the department business officer using uSource.

For Dell and Apple standard or alternative configurations, please contact the Service Desk to create an equote or submit a ticket.

Orders for Apple computers can now also be submitted through uSource once the quote is approved by the department.

Dell Employee Pricing

Dell offers various deals for Staff and Faculty wishing to purchase computers and other electronics for their personal use. To login, please go to  and in the box asking for your employer name or organization, type University of Toronto and then click on any of the green "Shop Now" buttons on the same page for various electronics such as computers, TVs, etc.