Department of Political Science

A message from the Chair for our troubling times:

We live in troubling times. Events in North America and across the globe imperil the civility of our discourse, the humanity of our interactions, and some of the key political and social institutions that provide safeguards against the humankind’s baser impulses. As students, administrators, staff people, and members of the community, we owe it to each other to listen carefully to one other, analyze thoroughly recent developments and our own actions, and interact with the utmost compassion and understanding. We also owe it to each other to recognize injustice, speak its name, and act to oppose it, wherever possible.

As you know, the Executive Order from the Trump Administration that bans entry to the US of passport-holders from seven majority-Muslim countries is being challenged in court. Perhaps the courts will strike it down; maybe they will let it stand. Please recognize that there are people in our UTM community directly affected by these actions south of the border. They need our understanding and our support. Beyond those directly affected are those who are indirectly affected simply by being Muslim. If you are not Muslim yourself, please reach out to Muslims. If you are Muslim yourself, please reach out to those who do not practice your faith. We live in troubling times, but some things do not change: we are stronger when we take the time to understand each other.

Whatever the outcome of that particular battle, there will be others in the future. Be educated, be prepared, be compassionate.

If you have particular questions about how to support those who’ve been affected by the Executive Order or whatever may come after it, please feel free to contact the Political Science office or me by email. We are also in the process of compiling resources for students that you might file away for future use.

Warm regards,

Edward Schatz
Chair, Political Science, UTM



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