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Employee Record Forms

Employee Information Form

*Note: The employee information set up form must accompany all non-appointed bi-weekly and monthly letters of offer and/or contracts.

Social Insurance Numbers (SIN)


Change of Address Form 

Payroll Bank Authorization Form for Direct Deposit


Federal and Ontario Personal Tax Credits.

*Note: Both tax forms must be completed and submitted.


Work-Study Payroll Package

2016-2017 Work-Study Bi-Weekly Payroll Package

2016-2017 Work-Study Monthly Payroll Package


Payroll Payment Forms

Bi-Weekly Time Sheet 

Bi-Weekly Time Sheet for casual and USW casual employment.

Bi-Weekly Time Sheet for CUPE casual and CUPT FT/PT L 3261 use only.


Monthly Time Sheet  


T4A Payment  T4A Payment

Small Traders Certificate

T4 Payment  T4 Payment

T4 Research Grant Payment  T4 Payment

T4A Research Award Student Fellows  T4A Research Award Student Fellows

Teaching Assistant Profile  Teaching Assistant Profile

Invigilators  Invigilators

Teaching Stipend  Teaching Stipend

Part-Time Employment Agreement  Part-Time Employment Agreement


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