Document Services for UTM Community Members

Are you looking for document services for:

Ensure you book an appointment with the correct service and bring required papers and payment.

Seek Notary Public services for official copies of passports, student visas and study permits typically for Citizenship and Immigration Canada1  (CIC) and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) applications if required, such as for an Individual Tax Numbers (ITN) for a first-time tax filer without a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN).


Seek Commissioner of Oath services for official copies of transcripts or other academic documents typically when additional originals may be difficult or impossible to secure.

Contact the Office of Student Affairs  by calling 905-828-3872 to schedule an appointment for this service, which is $10, cash only please.


Seek services for:

  • witnessing the signing of consent to travel letters2 for transporting youth across international borders when not accompanied by their custodial parents or guardians.
  • witnessing the signing of letters of invitation3 for Canadian residents seeking temporary resident visas to host visitors from countries in which such letters are necessary.

This can also be provided by Office of Student AffairsService is $10. 


** Ensure that you bring the following to your appointment:

  • Your original document - do not make or bring your own copies or send your original document with someone else.
  • Sufficient personal identification, typically including a UT ID card plus a form of government-issued ID with a photo, such as a passport, driver's license or health card.
  • $10 (to offset the overall cost of service, which is not normally provided by the university). Note: Office of Student Affairs accepts cash only payment.


If either the Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths is unavailable, the other may be able to provide service depending on the requirements of your application - please refer to your applications instructions.


1 UTM international students can contact the International Education Centre ( or 905-569-4716) for additional assistance.

2 For Consent to Travel letters, consult Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs ( for information on generating your letter; bring ID and supporting documents to satisfy the notary/commissioner of your child's custodian/guardians; and do not sign the consent letter until asked by the notary/commissioner to do so.

3 For Letters of Invitation, consult Citizenship and Immigration Canada ( for information on the recommended content of your letter.

A notary public serves as a legal witness to the identified presenter's declaration of an original document's authenticity. If an original is not authentic, the notary aids in the prosecution of the presenter for making a false oath, attestation or solemn declaration.