Positions Available

Graduate Student Positions

A position is open to join the group as a MSc student, starting fall 2017. Applications need to go through the chemistry graduate department of the University of Toronto, see: http://www.chem.utoronto.ca/grad/programs.php

Postdoctoral Positions

There are no positions available for postdocs that do not have their own fellowship funding. Candidates who have a fellowship or are applying for one, will be considered (e-mail to Ulrich Fekl).

Banting Opportunity

Outstanding candidates, within 3 years of their PhD (PhD awarded after September 20, 2014) are encouraged to apply for a prestigious and well-paid Banting fellowship, which may be a stepping stone to a professorship. contact Ulrich Fekl directly by e-mail, before June 30, 2017. See information at http://banting.fellowships-bourses.gc.ca/    The definition of "outstanding candidate" encompasses the following:

  • Proven first-rate track record in chemistry, typically demonstrated in at least three first-author journal articles in excellent journals (J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angewandte, etc)
  • The ability to write a strong research proposal in a short period of time
  • The ability to obtain three extremely strong letters, from three well-known experts
  • Ranking, in overall accomplishment, among the top 5 % of postdoctoral candidates