Group News

January 2019: Congratulations to Fioralba (first author)! Her (and also Dave's + Shaishav's + Alan's) discovery of the first adamantyl complex of platinum just has been accepted for publication!

July 2018: Congratulations to Dave, who successfully passed his PhD defense!

December 2017: The Fekl-Wilson team (lead: Fekl) is in the race, among the top 20 of the Solutions2030 Greenhouse-gas reduction challenge!  The idea is carbon-neutral nitrogen fertilizers.

November 2017: The Inorganic Discussion Weekend at Ryerson University Nov 3-5 was great! Also: Dave and Fioralba got an honourable mention for their nice talk and poster, respectively.

February 2017: Congratulations to Marzieh and Dave!
The report on the first arydiazenido complex of Pd(IV) is accepted and in print.

November 2015: Back from an exciting Inorganic Discussion Weekend at the Royal Military College! Kamal, Fioralba and Dave (photo here) presented a poster, Dave also gave a talk.

October 2015: JACS communication from Ernest's molecular rotor!

August 2015: We are thrilled! Fioralba and Dave's paper, based on Fioralba's CHM489 project, got accepted for publication in the Polyhedron Special Issue "Modern Canadian Inorganic Chemistry". See here, for a link to the pre-print (on T-space) and here for a link to the published article.

June 2015: Marzieh's and Dave's paper on the surprising and unusual oxidation of "Tp*-" ligand by aryldiazonium cations is now published!

September 2014: Danielle's paper on red algae just got published inPLOS-ONE!

July 2014: We are thrilled. We just received a $ 110,000.- "New Directions" grant from the Petroleum Research Fund (ACS). The topic of this research is:
"Metals at Tripodal Sites of Adamantane and Graphane-like Surfaces of Nano-diamonds: A Unified Strategy for Petroleum-
derived Materials from the Molecular to the Nano-Scale"

There are positions open for new graduate students to join this project.

June 2014: Graduation time! Danielle and Neilson received their PhDs. Congratulations!!

September 2013: Congratulations to Danielle! She just won the "BioLogic Award" for her poster presentation, presented at the Photosynthesis Congress in St. Louis.

December 2012: We just learned we won a $ 1000 Syringe Grant from the Hamilton Company! Much appreciated. $ 1000 worth of microliter syringes. We use them a lot.

October 2012: Danielle (Barzda collaboration) got another paper accepted (this time in Analyt. Chim. Acta)!

July 2012: Danielle's paper, from an exciting collaboration with Physics and Biology, is in print!

July 2012: Welcome Ernest (Prack)! U of T Chemistry supports his graduate summer fellowship.

June 2012: Neilson's paper on 'Rapid, Covalent Addition of Phosphine to Dithiolene in a Molybdenum Tris(dithiolene)' is in print!

May 2012: We are excited that one more NSERC USRA summer fellowship was awarded: to Diego! Congratulations!

April 2012: Congratulations to Rahul! He won an University of Toronto Excellence Award, which will allow him to do summer research.

March 2012: We are excited to have Marzieh Daryanavard as a visiting grad student (Isfahan University) in our group!

March 2012: We are all thrilled that Kai (Justin) Wan was successful in his application for an NSERC summer fellowship!

March 2012: UF is happy about the insight gained from a collaboration with two terrific computational researchers, Mike Hall (Texas A&M) and Ed Brothers (Texas A&M at Qatar). Our work is the kinetics part (Aiman Alak and Dan Harrison). We are delighted to report that a four-page communication in JACS got accepted, where we unravel the mechanism of alkene addition to a nickel bis(dithiolene) complex..

September 2011: More new group members: Dave Armstrong and and Aathith Vasanthakumar (4th year thesis project).

September 2011: New group members joined: Kai Wan + Rahul Rana (undergraduate volunteers).

September 2011: Joshua Moscattini joined, as a graduate student!

August: 2011: Marco moves on, towards a career in teaching.

July 2011: Congratulations to Danielle! She just got awarded an NSERC Alexander Graham Bell graduate fellowship!

June 2011: Another new member! Darla Bennett joined as a work-study student.

May 2011: New members joined the group! Joshua Moscattini (newly admitted grad student) starts his summer research. Justin Wan starts his work-study.

March 2011: Anthony and Gord's article (see below) has been selected by the editor (Jim Atwood) to be one of the featured articles.

July 13, 2010: Congratulations to Anthony and Gord! The publication on the first aryldiazenido complex of Pt(IV) is published on the web!

July 7, 2010: Congratulations to first author Neilson and all co-authors (Dan, Alan, Anthony)! The publication on molybdenum dithiolene complexes as models for catalysts is published on the web!

July 1, 2010: UF is spending some time, mostly for EPR spectroscopy, in the group of Prof Kaim (University of Stuttgart)

December 12, 2009: Congratulations to Anthony, Vincent and Alan! The manuscript on the first rhodium complex of sparteine got accepted by Dalton Trans.

December 9, 2009: Congratulations to Anthony! He successfully defended his thesis. Almost ready for his postdoc in Stanford!

December 3, 2009: Congratulations to Dan! He got awarded the very prestigious Vision 2010 Postdoctoral Fellowship. He will work perform postdoctoral research with Tom Baker at the University of Ottawa.

November 29, 2009: Congratulations to Anthony! His talk won a prize at the 42nd Inorganic Discussion Weekend.

November 19, 2009: Dan successfully defended his thesis! Excellent job.

We were honoured to have Pat Holland from Rochester as the external examiner.

September 28, 2009: The new chiral ligand is featured on the Inorg. Chem. front cover!

September 18, 2009:
Congratulations to Dan! His

on a new catalytic way to make sulfur heterocycles just got accepted by Chem. Comm.

September 1, 2009: Welcome to the group, Marco and Agata!

August 20, 2009: Early Researcher Award (Ministry of Research and Innovation) to UF has been announced:

July 21, 2009:
Congratulations to Mitch (and to Dan and to our reliable crystallographer Alan)! The manuscript on a new way to make C2-chiral ligands has been accepted by Inorg. Chem. It gets even better: we have been invited to provide a front cover page. Stay tuned. Cover will likely appear in print Oct 4.