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Programs in Environment at UTM

Our vision is to empower the next generation of environmental professionals with the skills, knowledge, and insight they will need to manage human-environment interactions effectively, and to conserve, protect, and improve our natural environments.




The Environment Programs provide students with abundant opportunities to become involved in environmental practice, independent research and fieldwork. Students may also have the opportunity to complete a practical work placement or independent research course related to their specific area of interest.

The Environmental Science programs (Specialist, Major, and Minor) offer an opportunity to study the interdisciplinary sciences that are required to understand complex environmental problems involving the natural world and human impacts. After completing the foundational science course ENV100Y5 The Environment, students who enroll in the program can tailor the scientific focus of the program to their own interests, by choosing courses from Geographical and Earth Science Perspectives, Biological/Ecological Perspectives and Physical/Chemical Perspectives.

The Environmental Management programs (Specialist, Major, and Minor) focus on the intersections of the environment and sustainable development with society, economy and public policy. The cornerstone second-year course, ENV201H5  Environmental and Resource Management, provides an introduction to the political and socioeconomic framework of environmental management. Students then have the opportunity to develop specialized skills in resource management, environmental assessment and the social, economic and policy aspects of environmental change.

Students in a Specialist or Major program also have an opportunity to apply for participation in the Combined Degree Program in Environmental Science (HBSc) and Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM)  or the Combined Degree Program in Environmental Management (HBA) and Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) . The Combined Degree Program options allow students to complete an undergraduate degree with an early admission offer to the MScSM program . Students interested in pursuing a Combined Degree Program must apply to the program at the end of their third year of study.

The program of Professional Advancement for Geography and Environment Students (PAGES)

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UTM's Programs in Environment are accredited by ECO Canada .  ECO Canada offers a variety of tools and resources to guide you in your education and kickstart your career.

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