Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna

The 3Es: A 2-Part Workshop Series for Parents & Caregivers (Hosted by Erin Mills Connects)

On February 21st and 28th, Erin Mills Connects hosted a free 2-part online community workshop series called The 3Es: Helping Children Regulate Emotion and Show Empathy. The CCDMP training team facilitated the workshop series.

This workshop series was geared towards caregivers and educators and focused on social-emotional development in children and adolescents ages 8–14 years. 

During the two sessions, we explored:

  • Children’s social-emotional development 
  • Ways to nurture The 3Es of:
    • Emotion Regulation
    • Empathy for Self
    • Empathy for Others

The CCDMP training team spoke about the research behind The 3Es, including how these capacities develop from infancy to adolescence. The CCDMP training team also guided participants through practical strategies and activities that could support children’s development and mental health (as well as their own!).

You can learn more about the event (including viewing recordings of the workshops) here:

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