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Campus Safety Special Constables

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Emergency: 905-569-4333/911 
General: 905-828-5200


UTM Campus Safety Leadership 

Deborah Fritz - Director, Campus Safety 
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Shahid Zafar - Assistant Director, Campus Safety 
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Derrick Ingram - Staff Sergeant
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Dillon MacNeil - Manager, Physical Security
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Violet Izevbigie - Administrative Assistant
Robert J. Ranieri - Security Systems Administrator

UTM Campus Safety Special Constables

Corporal J. Cowan #216
Corporal N. Hall #32036 
Corporal P. Kambo #224 
Corporal R. Sidhu #32578 

S. Baker - Constable #237
S. Billing - Constable #233 
D. Chu - Constable #235 
L. Dziemianko - Constable #229 
T. El-Rifai - Constable #225 
J. Jeyakanthan - Constable #243  
R. Lattimore - Constable #238 
N. Poirier - Constable #239
L. Roksandic - Constable #242


Building Patrol

A. Birring - Building Patroller
R. Demerji - Building Patroller 
J. Lau - Building Patroller
M. Peixoto - Building Patroller
N. Ponte - Building Patroller  
D. Tamayo - Building Patroller  


Mailing Address

University of Toronto Mississauga
3359 Mississauga Rd.
William G. Davis Building, Rm #3116
Mississauga, Ontario
L5L 1C6


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