How to Donate

How you can help

There are a couple of ways that you can donate:

Donate Online

  • U of T Faculty & Staff
    Faculty and Staff will receive a personalized link via email the week of October 1. Use this link to make your donation. If you have lost or misplaced this link, please send an email to to have your link resent.
  • U of T Casual Employees
    Casual or non-appointed staff may use this link to make your donation.
  • U of T Retirees
    U of T Retirees may use this link to make your donation.
  • U of T Students
    Students are welcome to participate in the United Way Campaign. Please use this link to make your donation.
  • Friend of U of T
    Please use this link to donate if you are not a current or retired faculty or staff member, or a current U of T student.

Donate by Cheque

If you wish to donate by cheque, please complete a paper pledge form for the United Way.

  1. Make your cheque payable to the United Way
  2. If you are a student, please identify that fact on the front of the cheque.
  3. Send cheques by mail (or via campus mail if on campus) to:

U of T United Way Team
Human Resources & Equity
215 Huron Street, 8th Floor
Toronto,Ontario M5S 1A2