Thoughts and Reactions: Cognition, Learning, and Technology across the Lifespan

March 6-7, 2019


Studying the processes involved in knowledge acquisition and the roles that multi-sensory perception play in learning is increasingly inter- and transdisciplinary. This workshop brought together scholars from psychology, philosophy, communication studies, and learning science to share thoughts on and reactions to the ways in which advances in technology are implicated in cognition, learning, and perception. The event involved a 2-day workshop with panels, conversation, and hands-on engagement.


PsyLinCS UTM: Building Synergies between Psychology, Language Studies, and Computer Science

September 7, 2019


This goal of this workshop was to showcase existing work and promote new research collaborations at the intersection of the fields of Psychology, Linguistics, and Computer Science by faculty and students.

The workshop included oral and poster presentations by faculty, students, and postdocs from across the Greater Toronto Area, as well as keynote talks by Suzanne Stevenson (University of Toronto Department of Computer Science) and Bob McMurray (University of Iowa, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences).


Talk Series

PCL chats, aka "Pickle Chats"


Date Talk
Oct 4 Bruce Schneider
Oct 18

1. Caitlin Tozios

2. Angela Cooper and Natalie Fecher

Nov 8

1. Raheleh Saryazdi

2. Barend Beekhuizen

Nov 29 Keisuke Fukuda
Jan 8 Poster Day
Feb 5 Akina Umemoto
Mar 12  Keisuke Fukuda
May 7 Kathleen Pichora-Fuller


Date Talk
Sept 23 Haley Kragness
Oct 21 Thomas St. Pierre
Nov 4 Grad Student Data Blitz
Jan 13 Annual Trainee Poster Session          
Feb 21 Tim Bressmann
Mar 20 Felix Desmeules-Trudel


PCL chats are currently on hold due to COVID19 measures.  Please check back for updates.