Current Projects

Below is a list of ongoing studies. For more information, you can contact the researchers in the people page.

You can sign up for studies on the the UTM Research Sign-Up System. Additionally, you may be contacted by phone for more details.

Project Description Researchers Area of Study

Encoding of Visual Long Term Memory 

This study examines memory for pictures of real objects that are presented sequentially. 

April Pereira, Keisuke Fukuda Memory, Cognition

CCNA - Aging Study

This study examines how aging individuals feel about their memory, hearing, and visual abilities. 

April Pereira, Kay Wright-Whyte, Kathy Pichora-Fuller Memory, Hearing, Vision, Cognition

The Effect of Post-Cueing on Visual Long-Term Memory

Participants are cued after pictures are presented to remember some pictures more than others. Then they are tested on a variety of pictures to see which they remember. Their EEG (electroencephalogram) activity is measured while they complete these tasks.

Caitlin Tozios, April Pereira, Keisuke Fukuda Memory, Cognition