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Light testing
Angelo Suliguin measuring light-use efficiency of various plants.  Photo credit: Vera Velasco, 2022


Marcus Luk testing LI-600 on Douglas-fir needles. Photo credit: Vera Velasco, 2021


Conifer physiology research during COVID19 pandemic
Photo credit: Vera Velasco, 2020


Andrew Yu growing clover to use for growth light testing soon. Photo credit: Vera Velasco, 2021


Simmi Vasta growing Douglas-fir seedlings for light use analysis. Photo credit:  Vera Velasco, 2021


Plant physiology in action. Photo credit: Alison Dias, 2018
Soil prep and planting. Photo credit: Marc Johnson, 2019


Germinating plants in RGH. Photo credit: Marc Johnson, 2019
Happy plants. Photo credit: Marc Johnson, 2019



Some of biological questions being addressed at the UTM Growth Facilities: