UTM Growth facilities are equipped with sophisticated sensors connected to alarm systems. 

The research greenhouse rooms have Sensaphone and Hortimax alarm systems.  Sensaphone alarm system sends generic alert messages to subscribers' email addresses when Hortimax alarm is on.  Hortimax alarm messages are specific and can tell us what is not within set limits in the research greenhouse environment. 

The growth rooms and growth chambers have their own alarm systems which may or may not be connected to Honeywell alarm system (see diagram below).


Growth chambers and rooms - Alarm response chart



How to respond to an alert from Sensaphone or Honeywell

Staff and researchers subscribed to Sensaphone or Honeywell alarm systems get alerts simultaneously.  Rest assured that we are working on the alarm the moment we receive it.  We encourage researchers to do the following:


  1. Physically check your plants or animals and the environment they are in as soon as possible.   

  2. Report your observations to us as it can be helpful in diagnosing and solving the problem. 

  3. Inspect the environmental log to see the scope of deviation from growth conditions, if there is any.  For researchers using reach-in or walk-in growth chambers,  please send us an email with screenshots of the relevant environmental log.  For researchers in the research greenhouse, you may connect to Hortimax Synopta to see the environmental log after the problem is resolved.  


In case of emergency 24/7, please contact:

  • UTM Campus Police at 905 569 4333, for entry issues or vandalism
  • UTM Leadhand at 905 601 8166, for urgent building problem