UTM Graduate Student Gym Rebate


Students working out at UTM's Recreation, Athletics, and Wellness Centre (RAWC)

Applications for 2024 Summer Gym Bursary 

The Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs is committed to graduate students' well-being. To encourage them to stay active over the summer months, the Vice-Dean, Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs, is providing a summer gym bursary for eligible graduate students who purchase a 2024 Recreation, Athletics & Wellness Centre (RAWC) summer gym membership.

UTM Summer Gym Bursary is available to graduate students in both professional & research stream programs.

Applicants must:

  • Be a graduate student in a master’s or doctoral program;
  • Be registered full-time for the summer 2024 session;
  • Have purchased a full or partial summer 2024 gym membership from the Recreation, Athletics & Wellness Centre (RAWC)
  • Have valid proof of purchase that displays name and/or student number.

Eligible students may receive the UTM Summer Gym Bursary once per summer session.​​​

Students will be reimbursed up to $130.00 of the summer gym membership. The membership fee is pro-rated on a daily basis. These funds will be deposited into your ACORN/ROSI account.

Registered students can access the online UTM Summer Gym Bursary Form, https://forms.office.com/r/MWZgau5f3H beginning on May 13, 2024 through to August 31, 2024. ​

​Please note:

  • Students must be registered at the time of application;
  • One application is permitted per applicant for summer membership or program fees incurred at one facility;
  • ​The application cannot be modified after submission; and
  • Proof of payment must be uploaded as a PDF, JPEG, or JPG file.

Payment​ to students will be processed on a monthly basis.  All applicants will receive an email notification via their official U of T email address regarding the status of their application and any relevant details regarding payment. To ensure that there is no delay in receiving your bursary make sure that you have direct deposit set up on your ACORN account.