BIGDataAIHub Talk Series — The Algorithm is the Message

The Algorithm is the Message. BigDataAIHub Talk Series Hosted by Erin Kelly

Hosted by Erin Kelly - The Algorithm is the Message

October 22, 2020

This BIGDataAIHub Talk Series features Erin Kelly, CPA and CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc., in discussing algorithms in common use today and the risks of using them...


Event Description

AI and the algorithms they employ are ubiquitous in every field, from accounting to medicine to marketing, and yet the professionals who base important decisions on the data these algorithms provide often don't understand how the data was derived and what it really means. In this talk, Erin Kelly will discuss algorithms in common use today and the risks of using them without proper background and knowledge.


Erin Kelly is a chartered professional accountant and the CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc. a company that uses AI to properly sample populations for human behaviour research and forecasting. Their patented AI, "Polly", is leading choice in consumer and medical research. Erin is frequently called on by national and international media for her insights into AI and its future impacts on society.


This talk is sponsored by the BIGDataAIHub, a hub dedicated to understanding the impact of big data, AI, and machine learning on research and teaching/ The BDAIH is housed in the Institute for Management and Innovation at the University of Toronto Mississauga.


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