The Arctic Working Group (AWG) at the University of Toronto has three primary goals:

  1. to expand the visibility of northern research at the University of Toronto;
  2. to attract new students and faculty into the North as a research venue;
  3. to promote interdisciplinarity by bringing together as wide a range of students and faculty as possible into a single network.

We accomplish these goals by advertising our presence on all three campuses of the university, giving lectures and seminars, circulating upcoming events relating to northern issues and events, administering Northern Scientific Training Program funds, representing the University of Toronto at annual meetings of the Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies (ACUNS) when possible, and serving as a clearing house for information relating to permits, community consultation, logistics, and other aspects of research unique to the North. The AWG meets as a group occasionally but primarily uses email as a forum for the distribution of northern news, administration of NSTP grants, and information on funding sources and logistical issues. 

Please contact Laura Brown if you would like to be added to our membership mailing list. 


You can also visit the Jackman Humanities Institute Working Group: Visual Cultures of the Circumpolar North


News from the AWG members:

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