Needs Based Grants & Bursaries

Grants and bursary assistance is provided to undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need. It is expected that students exhaust all financial resources (including government student loans) prior to requesting a grant or bursary.

Needs based grants and bursaries do not need to be repaid. 

University of Toronto Mississauga Grant

Sources of Funding

By submitting a single UTM Grant application, students are considered for the following grants/bursaries:

  • UTM Grant
  • Ontario First Generation Bursary
  • Nancy Salmon Scholarship Fund at the Community Foundation of Mississauga
  • The Doug and Tenny Hanson Bursary in the Humanities
  • Willian and Lille Huggett Memorial Scholarship
  • The Associates of Erindale College 1998 Scholarship
  • John Frederick Cameron Award
  • Alpha Epsilon Service Club Bursary
  • The University of Toronto Mississauga Annual Fund Award
  • Robert Matteo Memorial - C.D. Sonter Management Inc. Award
  • Other grants/bursaries may be added as they become available

Application Periods

The UTM Grant application and process has been redesigned in order to be able to provide financial assistance to more students, and in a timelier manner. 

NEW:  The application for the University of Toronto Mississauga Grant will be open October 3 to November 14, 2016, and again January 2 to February 14, 2017.

Students are strongly encouraged to apply in the Fall term, so that they receive grant assistance early.  Funding will be issued in the fall, and the winter terms until the allocated funds have been depleted.  

Students may only submit one grant application during either the fall, or the winter submissions periods each year.  Students are eligible to receive grant assistance each academic year, however the amount of grant funding may differ each year depending on factors such as individual need and overall student demand.


Current, full-time registered domestic U of T Mississauga students who are receiving government student loans (e.g. OSAP, other provincial loan program). 

Students who have applied for the Ontario Tuition Grant (OTG) only or who have opted to receive grant only funding through their full-time OSAP application will not be considered.

Note: Students receiving student loans from other Canadian provinces with financial need are expected to apply for UTAPS prior to being considered for the U of T Mississauga Grant. Application information is available here. Online UTAPS applications are available here.

Grant Decisions

When the applications have been reviewed, students will receive an email prompt to log into the website to view the decision. Students who applied during the fall submission period can expect to receive their decision in mid-December.

Grants will be applied to student financial accounts on ACORN. If fees have been paid in full at the time the grant is awarded, the balance of the grant will be issued to the student via direct deposit to the student’s bank account. To set up direct deposit on ACORN please follow the instructional video.

An application for the U of T Mississauga Grant does not guarantee funding. Funds are awarded based on demonstrated financial need. The U of T Mississauga grant is not intended to replace lack of OSAP or other government funding resulting from

  • late or incomplete applications
  • OSAP or other government loan restrictions (academic progress restrictions, default/arrears on previous loans, income verification issues, academic progress restrictions)
  • electing to decline the loan portion of OSAP

The U of T Mississauga Grant will also not:

  • provide support or emergency aid to parents or relatives
  • pay credit card or other debts
  • assist with optional summer studies
  • assist with medical or dental costs covered by UTMSU or personal health insurance plans
  • address misspending or misuse of OSAP/government loan funds

International Students

Canada Immigration requires all international students to show that they have adequate resources before admitting them to Canada. For this reason, international students are not eligible to apply for the U of T Mississauga Grant. However, if an international student is in financial need as the result of an unexpected change since arrival in Canada, you may be considered for a one-time only Undergraduate Grant administered by Enrolment Services at the University of Toronto. Please meet with a financial aid advisor in the Office of the Registrar to discuss your circumstances and determine what supports may be available to you.

Other Grants & Bursaries

The following grants and bursaries may be available to University of Toronto Mississauga students. Please visit the websites below to learn about eligibility criteria, applications, and deadlines.