A talk about climate change to High School Students

Atmospheric Professor Kent Moore, grad student Marc De Benedetti & St. Joan of Arc High School Students
Thursday, March 3, 2016 - 9:01am

Atmospheric Professor Kent Moore and his graduate student Marc De Benedetti (back row on the right) gave a talk to the grade 10 science students at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary school in January 2016, as a conclusion to their climate unit for the course. The focus of the talk was to show students what it meant to study climate change; that we "don't just wear white lab coats", as one student put it. Prof. Moore showed some comparative pictures of himself scaling mountains to study some receding glaciers, and videos of him conducting research in low-flying planes and research boats. Climate change is not usually a main focus in the curriculum, so a special thanks to their teacher, Eva Bruni for coordinating this talk and inviting us to help get students interested in science. This event is something we hope to make a yearly thing!