Jennifer Rea

Jennifer Rea
Grad Year: 
Operations Manager, Canada
Business, Finance & Administration

Jennifer Rea works for Kronos, a leading Software company in the area of workforce management and optimization.

Q: Briefly describe your current position and responsibilities, including challenges/rewards. How did you go about your job search upon graduating -- what strategies were most successful and why do you think you were hired?

I am responsible for the Sales Operations and Service Contracts teams for Kronos in Canada. I help determine how US processes will be tailored for Canada and work with US peers on strategy, policy etc. I particularly enjoy hiring recent graduates and seeing them grow in their first roles. Challenges can include the unique demands of the Quebec market and being owned by a US company. My first position out of University was an Executive Assistant one at an investment firm. That was just before the Internet explosion. Today's grads will absolutely need to network, use LinkedIn and seek out paid internships (CareerEdge etc.).

Q: List the key positions you have held since graduation, and any post-graduate degrees/diplomas you earned after graduation. If applicable, list any other ways you are involved in your profession or in your community (member of a professional association, involved as a leadership volunteer, etc).

Facilities and Administration Manager, Canada and Michigan Global Crossing- 15 direct reports in the US and Canada Operations Manager - Canada Kronos Marketing Assistant - Noram Financial

Q: What personal characteristics/skills are most important for success in your job/field?

Flexibility, Diplomacy, Strategic thinking, Organizational skills, People/Development skills, Management skills, Excellent communication skills, attention to detail. etc

Q: During your university career did any key experiences assist you in making your career choices? If yes, how so? (Internships? Extern Program? Volunteering? Student clubs? Summer job? Mentorship?)

No specific event shaped my career. I had originally wanted to become a teacher.

Q: What have been the keys to your success? What advice would you give to students who wish to pursue a similar career path? If you had the chance to plan your studies and your career path again, what would you do differently (if anything)?

If I was to do it all over again, I would have taken a business degree and focused on business management and human resources. The key to my success, I think is that I originally wanted to become a teacher and graduated during the recession of '92 when only Masters students were getting into Teachers college or people with 90% averages. I had to come up with a plan B and found that I really enjoyed business. The real thing is to be flexible and gravitate towards where you have strengths.