Andrea Yu

Andrea Yu

Andrea Yu has been an analyst for a company called Accenture in the technology consulting industry for the past year.

“I'm a BA on a data warehousing project. A BA is someone who researches and writes documents in Business English for use by technical and business users,” says Andrea. While Andrea works long hours and finds balancing work and life a challenge, she values her job because she is always learning new things and has lots of responsibility.

”You have to be able to deal with harsh criticism,” she says. “This business is fast-paced and you need to be able to adapt. You can’t be slow at picking things up either—you need to be able to roll on to a project, catch up in two days and produce a document the next week.”

Andrea advises that this type of job is not for everyone.

“You need to be determined enough to get the job done—even if it means you'll be working 16 hours a day and will only get paid for 8 hours. You need to have a personal aspiration to get things done or you'll give up,” she says.

Andrea says interview skills are key.

“The interview could make or break you. I went out on my own and applied to the company online,” she says. “My resume helped me get my foot in the door, but I had to go through a rigorous interview process to get hired.”