Judy Chin

Judy Chin
Grad Year: 
Forensic Science
Forensic Scientist - Firearms & Toolmarks Section
Natural & Applied Sciences
Centre of Forensic Sciences

Judy's responsibilities include examining firearms, ammunition and related components, distance determination, trajectory analysis, serial number restoration, crime scene reconstruction and appearing in court as an expert witness, when required.

“You have to demonstrate sound knowledge of the handling, operation, and safety of firearms and their components. You need to have a thorough understanding of forensics, presentation skills, communication skills, independence, confidence, and an ability to lead and be led. The interest for further research or knowledge is also a benefit,” says Judy.

Judy’s previous positions have included contracts as a program support assistant for the Office of the Chief Coroner in Ontario, a search technician with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and a forensic consultant with Forensic Technology Inc.

“I spoke with mentors regarding my career path and the type of choices I had,” says Judy, adding that persistence, confidence, networking, and the right timing are all necessary to land the job you want.

She suggests doing research on the company or organization you are applying to, speaking to your professors or mentors and asking them for advice.

“Take contract jobs and don’t be afraid to move for experience. Use the Career Centre for your job searches, cover letter templates and resume critiques,” she says.

“Practice interviews and practice how to present your skills and experience. Know your limitations and what you are capable of. Start your career path as early as possible.”

Judy recommends participating in any extern, intern, volunteering, or mentoring programs you can.

“These programs are there for you to experience what the field is really like and you get to know management and what they want in an employee. Be strong and show passion. Mentors have gone through the same thing you have and they want to see you succeed,” she says.