Amy Camara

Amy Camara
Grad Year: 
High School Theology and Special Education Teacher
Social Science, Education & Religion
Dufferin Peel Catholic School Board

Prior to working as a Theology and Special Education Teacher, Amy Camara taught courses in Grade 9 academic English, Grade 9 applied English, and Grade 11 college English.

She says her job requires patience, leadership, organizational skills, and time management. “You must be well informed in your area of teaching,” adds Amy, who has certification in Adolescent Education.

“Understanding different situations students are in are key. You have to be patient and knowledgeable concerning your area of study. Being personal and unselfish are also essential to success as a teacher. The most rewarding part of my career is working with the students and seeing the change that happens when they have been in your class.”

Amy is the editor of the school newspaper and coach of the boy’s varsity rugby team.

“I went into university with the goal of becoming a teacher. I knew what subjects I wanted to teach and therefore directed my courses to them,” says Amy.

“In teachers college during your in class experience I was able to make many connections. Once I graduated I applied to all the local school boards. I also went to all the schools in my area and met with the principals, even though I had not yet been given an interview, dropping off my resume in the process. I also applied to the board.”

Amy suggests doing as much volunteer work as possible and getting involved at university.

“See if you like teaching before you commit yourself to the career. The worst thing is a teacher who hates their job. They are no good to the school, but most importantly they are no good for the students. I be sure to focus on subjects in your undergrad that are teachable subjects. Also, research the teachers college that you would like to attend, get to know their requirements early on in your university career,” she says.

“To be a teacher, it is important to get involved in your school and community. Currently, I am the chair of the following organizations: Graduation, Grade 11 semi-formal, school newsletter, and Students for Life.”