Three Ness Lab Members receive Travel Awards from SMBE

Jaspreet Duggal (left), Fathiya Mohamed (center) and Josianne Lachapelle (right)
Friday, March 10, 2017 - 10:48am
Stephanie do Rego

Two undergraduate students and a Postdoctoral Fellow in Rob Ness’s Lab received Travel awards from the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution (SBME). The annual meeting is happening July 2-6, 2017 in Austin, Texas. The Ness lab combines experimental evolution and genomics to uncover how the generation of variation at the molecular level interacts with genetic drift and natural selection to determine patterns of biological diversity (taken from

Fathiya Mohamed and Jaspreet Duggal have each received one of only ten available Undergraduate Travel and Mentoring Awards. In addition to presenting their BIO481 work at the conference, the students will be paired with mentors to assist them throughout the SMBE meeting. The awards were distributed to undergraduates from traditionally under-represented groups in this discipline and also to students that will increase geographic representation at the SMBE annual meeting.  Each award is worth $1500.

Postdoctoral fellow Josianne Lachapelle was awarded the Young Investigator Travel Award. This award is valued at $1500-$2000 and is used to support graduate students and post-doctoral fellow who wish to present at the SBME conference.

Congratulations to Fathiya, Jaspreet and Josianne, we hope you enjoy the conference!

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