The UTM Greenhouse faclities has grown to include both the 5th floor Rooftop Greenhouse and a new Research Greenhouse, located near HMALC.

The Rooftop Greenhouse provides plants and growing space for both teaching and research.

The Research Greenhouse is available to serve the plant research needs of all researchers at the University of Toronto Mississauga. To see the Standard Operating Procedures of the facility please click the following link:

UTM Research Greenhouse Standard Operating Procedures

To request space in the Research Greenhouse, please use the following form. You will need to download it, fill it out, save it and email it to Marianne Kalich:

UTM Research Greenhouse Space Request Form (revised)

There are four standard glass house units, plus one large unit. Fees to use the facility are:

  • Annual access fee - $300/year (includes Reaserch & Rooftop Greenhouses)
  • Plus the following additional rental fees:
    • Glass house, single - $75/month (use of the entire unit)
    • Glass house, double - $150/month (use of the entire unit)
      • Reduced rates for the double room may be available if less than half of the room is being used and access to other rooms is restricted
  • Technician time (e.g. weekend watering) - $21/hour (minimum 1/2 hour)

The dimensions of benches in units are as follows:

  • Glass house, single (each):
    • Fix top bench: 1.83 m X 0.76 m
    • Roll top bench 1: 3.51 m X 1.24 m
    • Roll top bench 2: 3.66 m X 1.24 m
  • Glass house, double:
    • Fixed bench: 5.49m x 0.76m
    • Roll top bench 1: Large bench: 3.51m x 1.24m
    • Roll top bench 2: Medium bench: 3.66m x 1.24m
    • Roll top bench 3: Large bench: 3.51m x 1.24m
    • Roll top bench 4: Medium bench: 3.66m x 1.24m

The following environmental variables can be controlled in each glasshouse unit:

  • (10oC – 40oC)
  • supplemental lighting
  • shading
  • vents
  • additive humidity.

If you need plants grown specifically for your research or for teaching, talk to us. Please contact Marianne Kalich if you have any questions.

How to Get to the Rooftop Greenhouse

Need to get to the 5th floor greenhouse but don't know the way? This video will show you directions to the greenhouse