Associate Professor Andrea Muehlebach's letter to the editor in the Toronto Star (April 13, 2017)

Associate Professor Stephen Scharper in the The Ecumenist on President Trump and the Spiritual and Political Challenge of Climate Chaos  (PDF file, March 28, 2017)

Professor Emerita Becky Sigmon featured in UTM's 50th Anniversary photostream on Instagram (March 24, 2017)

UTM remembers Dr. Jerry Melbye, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology (March 20, 2017)

Water activists take on bottled water: the Wellington Water Watchers shared their tale of activism in ANT461H5S (March 13, 2017)

UTM Anthropology undergraduate students participate in exclusive tour of the Royal Ontario Museum's East Asian collection (March 3, 2017)

UTM Anthropology welcomes Dr. Lauren Schroeder as Assistant Professor, Biological Anthropology, focusing on Evolutionary Anthropology (February 22, 2017)

Assistant Professor Sarah Hillewaert travelling with UTM students in a journey to explore women's leadership and gender rights in Ghana (Reading Week, February 2017)

Professor Emeritus Jerry Melbye has been selected as one of 50 outstanding contributors to the legacy of the campus in celebration of UTM's 50th anniversary (January 24, 2017)

Associate Professor Stephen Scharper quoted in Vice Motherboard article on the new price of bottled water in Ontario (January 18, 2017)


Assistant Professor Tracey Galloway featured in CBC article on the urgency of changes needed to Canada's Nutrition North program (December 4, 2016)

Assistant Professor Tracey Galloway in Canadian Press article on Nutrition North failing to cut food prices (December 4, 2016)

Associate Professor Andrea Muehlebach Awarded JHI Fellowship (November, 23, 2016)

Associate Professor Heather Miller appointed Vice-Dean, Teaching and Learning at UTM (November 22, 2016)

Associate Professor Stephen Sharper featured in the Medium on Falling in love with the Earth and its bees (November 14, 2016)

Associate Professor Tracy Rogers interviewed by What She Said! podcast about working in Forensic Science (October 31, 2016)

All-gender washrooms opening in Anthropology Department and across UTM campus (October 4, 2016)

Assistant Professor Sarah Hillewaert studies youth culture in Kenya (August 16, 2016)

Assistant Professor Tracey Galloway receives CIHR New Investigator Salary Award (July 21, 2016)

Professor Gary Crawford discovers new origins for farmed rice (June 22, 2016)

Assistant Professor Liye Xie's detour to Anthropology: Accidental Tourist (March 7, 2016)


In Memoriam: Jennifer Jackson (PDF file)

Associate Professor Stephen Scharper interviewed by Global Morning AM TV about Pope's visit to the U.S.

FAQ about Anthropology courses in Spring 2015 term as a result of the strike

Associate Professor Frank Cody is the recipient of the 2014 Edward Sapir Book Prize, awarded by the Society for Linguistic Anthropology


Dr. Michael Brand, Sessional Lecturer, on historic excavations at UTM (ANT318H5 Field School) in the New York Times

Associate Professor Tracy Rogers, Director of Forensic Science program at UTM, consults on the Tim Bosma Case


Professor Gary Crawford in Edge Magazine (SUMMER 2012-VOL. 14, NO.1)

Professor Jack Sidnell co-authors article published in Anthropology

Professor Gary Crawford in pilot project with UTM Library: Animating Objects: 3D Image technology enhances teaching and learning


Professor Esteban Parra: Seasonal fluctuations in vitamin D levels

Professor Esteban Parra: Day in the Sun

Professor Gary Crawford: Size Matters? Study raises questions about when and where soybeans were domesticated