Upcoming Events

Movie Screening: The Cove
The UTM Geography Society has organized a free movie screening of 'The Cove' as our year end event on Thursday March 25 from 3-5pm in the South Building, room 2082. 
'The Cove' is an Oscar winning 'Best Feature Documentary,' which follows an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers as they embark on a covert mission to penetrate a remote and hidden cove in Taiji, Japan, shining a light on a dark and deadly secret. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, including hidden microphones and cameras in fake rocks, the team uncovers how this small seaside village serves as a horrifying microcosm of massive ecological crimes happening worldwide. 
The trailer can be viewed here:
Snack will be provided! 
Hope to see you all there!
The Science Formal
The Geography Society will be joining up with the Erindale Biology Society (EBS), Erindale's Society of Chemical & Physical Sciences (ESCP), The Psychology Association of Undergrad Students, and Mathematical and Computing Sciences Society (MCSS) to participate in this year's SCIENCE FORMAL--The first one yet! So come out and show your support! Also, by wearing blue anywhere the Geography Society will be representing the Keme House (which is Latin for "Earth").
Also be sure to check out the impressive YouTube Advertisement for the event.
science formal