Consumables and pots


Here are some of the plant-growing supplies available for sharing at RGH.  Please refer to Safety Data Sheet before first use of materials. 



Pro-moss Sphagnum Peat Moss (TBK)*

Vermiculite Medium*

Perlite Coarse*

Turface MVP*

B&M Silica Sand 1240S (fine)*

B&M Silica Sand 612B*

Aquatrols AquaGro 2000L

Dolomite Sylvite F

* not for sharing


BioSafe Systems Sanidate 5.0 Sanitizer and Disinifectant


POTS et cetera

3" x 8" Tree pot shallow rib

12.5" x 15.6" Cavity Tray

15.75" 15.75" x 6" Deep Tray

5 mm x 42" Fiberglass tree stake


Here are online MSDS databases :




ChemWatch GoldFFX

Created by Vera Velasco on 2021-10-26