Consumables and pots


Here are some of the plant-growing supplies available for sharing at RGH.  We can also assist you with purchasing other consumables including items on list with asterisk (*).  Please refer to Safety Data Sheet before first use of any materials. 




Bonide Systemic Granules Insect Control

BLISS Neem oil 

Beneficial nematode (Steinernema feltiae, purchased as needed)

Other beneficial pests


Syngenta Daconil Ultrex Fungicide


Yellow insect traps (for whiteflies, leafminers, sciarids, aphids and many other flying insects)

Blue insect traps (for thrips and leaf miners)


BioSafe Systems Sanidate 5.0 Sanitizer and Disinifectant

POTS et cetera

3" x 8" Tree pot shallow rib

12.5" x 15.6" Cavity Tray

15.75" 15.75" x 6" Deep Tray

5 mm x 42" Fiberglass tree stake