Call for Funding 2022-23


For 2022-23 CDRS will support and collaborate on a range of faculty research activities (e.g., small conferences, film series, talks, lectures, workshops). The proposed research event(s) can be tied to UG courses being taught (e.g., guest speaker or visiting artist), so long as the research event is open to the larger UTM community. Please send a brief (~500 words) description of the intended event(s) including how the event(s) will contribute to the growing community of CDRS and a budgetary justification (~150 words). We are particularly interested in projects centering Black, Indigenous, and racialized research, and researchers, anti-racist work, and other work that addresses social inequalities. In your description, please include your department, business officer, and, if applying jointly with another UTM faculty member, their relevant information. 

Eligibility: The call is open to Humanities and Social Science faculty with budgetary appointments at UTM including teaching stream, research stream, CLTAs with priority given to the six departments with space in MN (HS, LS, SOC, POL, E&D, PHIL). Additionally, projects not currently holding external grant funding will also be given priority. Partial funding may be awarded at the discretion of the adjudication committee. 

Funding: CDRS will provide funding up to $5,000 per project proposal for the 2022-2023 academic year. Requests for any budget up to this limit are warmly invited to apply. If the project proposal is successful, funds will be transferred to the applicant’s research fund and the department business officer will assist with reimbursements and costs incurred. In addition to monetary support, CDRS will assist in promoting the research activity on the CDRS website ( and on the OVPR communication channels. 

Funding can be used to pay honoraria, hire RAs, and/or reimburse costs of catering. The research activity can be tied to UG courses being taught (e.g., taking the form of a guest speaker or visiting artist), so long as the event is open to the larger UTM community. *See budget guidelines below.  

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Research has shown that the COVID19 pandemic had significant negative impacts on productivity of woman identified researchers across the globe.1 Gender equity in academia was an issue before the pandemic, but the existing inequities were exacerbated by the limitations placed on the research community. In consideration of these challenges and barriers women in research have experienced, this grant will allow family care costs as an eligible expense to women identifying lead investigators and team members (including graduate student RAs and Postdocs) to support their research activities. We are also aware that there are faculty who may not be woman identified, but who also face increased family caregiving loads that have impacted their research agendas, therefore we welcome and are open to conversations as to how to best support. If you wonder if your circumstances fit the eligibility, please contact us ( Possible eligible expenses include family care costs such as daycare and babysitting costs as well as caregiving costs for older persons. When planning research activities please be sure to check UofT COVID19 precautions: and use this EDI event planning resource: 

Project Timeline: Event(s) should begin in Fall 2022 and should end by May 31st, 2023. 

Deadline: Please send proposals by October 7th, 2022 (11:59pm), to Proposals will be evaluated by the CDRS Steering Committee (Anna Korteweg (Chair, SOC); Derek Denis (LS), Anna Thomas (E&D), and the CDRS-SRA (TBD) with input from Josh Milstein, AVPR-Facilities, as needed. Any questions or assistance with scoping possible event(s) or questions regarding eligible expenses are welcome and can be sent to  

Acknowledgement and Reporting: The selected projects should acknowledge support from CDRS in programming arising out of this funding (including use of CDRS’ wordmark and verbally during the event(s)). A brief report of the event(s) undertaken will be submitted by July 1st, 2023. 

To help with budgeting please consider these guidelines: 

Speaker for roundtable/discussion/lightning talk: *  

  • colleague from University of Toronto (if fully employed): $0 

  • colleague from University of Toronto (if precariously employed): $350 

  • local talent from GTA, $350 (please see rates of pay for artists here: 

Speaker honorarium for lecture/public talk: 

  • Colleague from UofT (if fully employed): $0 

  • Colleague from UofT precariously employed (sessional, CLTA, etc.) $500 

  • Local talent from GTA, $500 (please see rates of pay for artists here: 

  • Speaker from outside the GTA, $500 CAN 

1. Pinho-Gomes A, Peters S, Thompson K, et al. "Where are the women? Gender inequalities in COVID-19 research authorship."  BMJ Global Health 2020; 5:e002922.