Course Equivalents

These tables indicate which St. George and UTSc courses are *exclusions* for the listed UTM courses. In addition, for each row of the tables below, the St. George and UTSc courses listed will be accepted *at UTM* in exchange for the listed UTM course. However, the reverse is not true: St. George and UTSc (Economics courses for Statistics as well) may not accept the listed UTM course as an equivalent.


UTM Courses St.George Courses UTSC Courses
CSC104H5 CSC104H1  
CSC108H5 CSC108H1; CSC120H1 CSCA08H3; CSCA20H3
CSC148H5 CSC148H1; CSC150H1 CSCA48H3; CSCA67H3
CSC207H5 CSC207H1 CSCB07H3
CSC209H5 CSC209H1 CSCB09H3
CSC236H5 CSC236H1; CSC240H1 CSCB36H3
CSC258H5 CSC258H1 CSCB58H3
CSC263H5 CSC263H1;CSC265H1 CSCB63H3
CSC290H5 CSC290H1  
CSC300H5 CSC300H1 CSCD03H3
CSC301H5 CSC301H1 CSCC01H3
CSC309H5 CSC309H1 CSCC09H3
CSC310H5 CSC310H1  
CSC318H5 CSC318H1  
CSC320H5 CSC320H1  
CSC321H5 CSC321H1  
CSC324H5 CSC324H1 CSCC24H3
CSC338H5 CSC336H1; CSC350H1; CSC351H1 CSCC37H3
CSC343H5 CSC343H1 CSCC43H3
CSC358H5 CSC358H1; CSC458H1  
CSC363H5   CSCC63H3
CSC369H5 CSC369H1 CSCC69H3
CSC373H5 CSC373H1; CSC375H1 CSCC73H3
CSC384H5 CSC384H1 CSCD84H3
CSC404H5 CSC404H1  
CSC411H5 CSC411H1 CSCC11H3
CSC448H5 CSC448H1  
CSC458H5 CSC458H1 CSCD58H3
CSC469H5 CSC469H1  
CSC490H5 CSC490H1; CSC491H1  
CSC492H5 CSC494H1; CSC495H1 CSCD94H3; CSCD95H3
CSC493H5 CSC494H1; CSC495H1 CSCD94H3; CSCD95H3



UTM Courses St. George Courses UTSC courses
MAT102H5 MAT138H1; MAT246H1; CSC165H1 CSCA67H3
MAT134Y5   MATA30H3+MATA35H3
MAT135Y5 MAT135H1+MAT136H1 MATA30H3+MATA36H3
MAT137Y5 MAT137Y1; MAT157Y1 MATA31H3+MATA37H3
MAT202H5 MAT332H1* MATC32H3*
MAT212H5   MATB44H3
MAT223H5 MAT223H1; MAT188H1 MATA23H3
MAT224H5 MAT224H1 MATB24H3
MAT232H5 MAT235Y1; MAT237Y1; MAT257Y1 MATB41H3
MAT233H5 MAT235Y1; MAT237Y1; MAT257Y1 MATB41H3
MAT236H5 MAT235Y1; MAT237Y1; MAT257Y1 MATB42H3
MAT240H5 MAT240H1  
MAT244H5 MAT244H1 MATB44H3
MAT247H5 MAT247H1  
MAT301H5 MAT301H1 MATC01H3
MAT302H5   MATC16H3
MAT309H5 MAT309H1;CSC438H1 MATC09H3
MAT311H5 APM346H1;APM351Y1 MATC46H3
MAT315H5 MAT315H1 MATC15H3
MAT332H5 MAT335H1 MATC35H3
MAT334H5 MAT334H1;MAT354H1 MATC34H3
MAT344H5 MAT344H1 MATC44H3
MAT378H5 MAT337H1;MAT357H1 MATB43H3*;MATC37H3
MAT382H5 MAT329Y1 MATC82H3
MAT392H5   MATC90H3*
MAT401H5 MAT347Y1; MAT401H1 MATD01H3
MAT402H5 MAT402H1 MATD02H3
MAT405H5 MAT327H1 MATC27H3

 * Departmental approval required.


UTM Courses St.George Courses UTSC Courses UTM Economics Courses
STA220H5 STA220H1* STAB22H3*  
STA221H5 STA221H1* STAB27H3* ECO220Y5(=STA220H5+STA221H5)
STA256H5 STA257H1 STAB52H3  
STA258H5*** STA248H1****   EC0227Y5(=STA256H5+STA258H5)
STA260H5 STA261H1**** STAB57H3  
STA302H5 STA302H1 STAC67H3  
STA304H5 STA304H1    
STA305H5 STA305H1    
STA348H5 STA347H1 STAC63H3  
STA390H5 STA414H1    
STA413H5 STA422H1; STA452H1 STAC58H3  
STA437H5 STA437H1 STAD37H3  
STA441H5 STA442H1    
STA457H5 STA457H1 STAD57H3  

*These courses are taken as equivalents across all three campuses.

** If a student finishes ECO327Y before 20151 we give them STA302H5 plus count an extra STA 300 level course.

*** STA255H1 will no longer be used as an equivalent course for STA258H5 after 20151.

****STA248H1 and STA261H1 are exclusive to each other, you can only take one of the these two courses.