Congratulations Rosemary Martin!

Rosemary Martin
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 4:54pm

PhD student Rosemary Martin (McCauley Lab) has been awarded the Morris Wayman prize from Massey College. The prize is given "in recognition of outstanding efforts to better build understanding of her field of interest at Massey College."

Rosemary studies winter pond ecology.  According to Rosemary, winter conditions can drive important changes in species composition, population size, and dormancy phenology in animals, which can affect aquatic communities in subsequent seasons. She is interested in how winter conditions such as temperature, ice coverage duration, and oxygen levels, affect aquatic invertebrate survival and timing of emergence from dormancy.  She uses dragonflies to ask questions at both the species and community level. Her first experiments have examined the effect of aquatic and terrestrial winter environments on egg-diapausing dragonfly species. Going forward she will be looking at how hypoxia, or low oxygen conditions, might be shaping larval dragonfly communities. The more we know about how different animals respond to winter conditions, the better we’ll understand if they’ll decline, survive, or thrive.

Congratulations Rosemary on this amazing accomplishment!