Jumi A. Shin

Jumi A. Shin

Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Toronto


1986 B.A., Chemistry, Cum Laude.  Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1992 Ph.D., Chemistry.  California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California.

1992-1994 American Chemical Society Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chemistry. 

            The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California.   

Professional Experience

1995-2002 Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh.

2002-2009 Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Toronto.

2003— Cross Appointment, Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering.

2009— Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Toronto. 


1992-1994 American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.

1998-2002 National Science Foundation CAREER Award.

2003  Premier's Research Excellence Award (PREA)

Contact Information

Department of Chemistry
University of Toronto
3359 Mississauga Road North
Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6 Canada
TEL: (905) 828-5355, FAX: (905) 838-5425
Email: jumi.shin@utoronto.ca

Opportunities in our lab 

Graduate Students.  We would like one or two graduate students per year to join our projects at the interface of chemistry and biology. Our students have diverse backgrounds, including analytical, organic, and inorganic chemists, molecular biologists and biochemists. Graduate students must apply and gain acceptance through the U of T School of Graduate Studies and information about the admission process is available at the U of T Chemistry Department site. Please see the Links page. 

Postdoctoral Fellows.  We often have one or two postdocs in the group, and we are looking for people with a strong background in biological chemistry and molecular biology. 

Undergraduates.  We have one-three undergraduates in the lab in various programs, including CHM 299/399 ROP, CHM 489 4th-year thesis, work-study, and summer fellowships. Undergraduates work closely with graduate students and postdocs and have the opportunity to publish peer-reviewed papers and present their work by giving posters and talks. 

Technicians.  We sometimes have one or two technicians who mainly work on the biological and cellular aspects of projects.

Current Coworkers 

•  Inder Sheoran, Research Associate. 

•  Ichiro Inamoto, Postdoc. 

•  Vlad Lazar, M.Sc. student. 

* Current undergraduates are not listed

Former Coworkers (and what they are doing) 

•  Sarmitha Sathiamoorthy, 12/10-5/14, Postdoc.  Scientist at Sanofi Pasteur, Toronto, Analytical Research & Development in Microbiology & Virology. 

•  Alexandra Strtak, M.Sc. 2015.  "Directed evolution of proteins that bind the E-box DNA target by phage-assisted continuous evolution." Scientist at Xagenic, Toronto.

•  Pamela Nge, 2/13-12/14/, Postdoc.  Regulatory affairs & Quality assurance specialist at Galderma Canada (branch of Nestle, sells dermatological products). 

•  I-San Chan, Ph.D. 2012.  "Sequence-Selective DNA Binding by Basic Region/Leucine Zipper Proteins at Noncognate Gene Regulatory Sequences." Teaching at UofT. 

•  Hesam Shahravan, 9/06-12/10, Ph.D. 2008.  "In vitro and in vivo high-throughput analysis of protein:DNA Interactions.". 

•  Gang Chen, 9/03-9/08, Ph.D. 2008.  "A Modified Yeast One-Hybrid System to Investigate Protein-Protein and Protein:DNA Interactions."  Postdoc with Sachdev Sidhu in the CCBR, U of T. 

•  Xuanlu Qu, B.Sc. 2008.  Oncologist, physician/researcher. 

•  Jing Xu (Cindy), 9/02-9/07, Ph.D. 2007.  "Design of Minimalist Max Proteins in Yeast Systems."  Scientist in development at Zbx Corporation, Toronto.

•  Christopher Damaso, Postdoc, 4/06-12/07.  Scientist at MaRS, U of T.

•  Hiu-Kwan Chow (Joanna), M.Sc. 2007 & B.Sc. 2004.  Scientist at Genetrack Biolabs (affiliated with Genebase, Vancouver).

•  Anna Fedorova, Postdoc, 7/03-11/05.  Scientist in Protein Engineering, Genentech (San Francisco).

•  Adrian Schwartz Mittelman, Postdoc, 4/03-2/05. Scientist at MedImmune, Gaithersburg, MD.

•  Kenneth J. Kise, Postdoc, 12/00-9/03.  Scientist at Iowa State Department of Agriculture.

•  Ajay R. Lajmi, Postdoc, 6/97-12/00. Senior Scientist at Pall Corp (Pensacola, FL).