We are a Biological Physics lab at the University of Toronto actively developing the next generation of single-molecule and single-cell optical imaging and manipulation techniques. Our efforts range from super-resolved localization microscopy, to quantify the abundance and stoichiometry of proteins and nucleic acids within cells, to combining microfluidics with computational microscopy, to image the population dynamics of bacterial colonies. We develop bioimage analytic software, from image filtering, to machine learning and segmentation algorithms, to three-dimensional clustering algorithms. And we apply optical force spectroscopy, with pioneering efforts in axial optical tweezers, and passive tethered particle motion assays to study DNA-protein interactions, gene transcription and genetic silencing.

What's Happening

(13/11/21): Tiya's and Daniel's work "An Expectation-Maximization Approach to Quantifying Protein Stoichiometry with Single-Molecule Imaging," is now online at Bioinformatics Advances.

(10/7/21): Tianyi's work with the Beharry lab "Highly Potent Photoinactivation of Bacteria Using a Water-Soluble, Cell-Permeable, DNA-Binding Photosensitizer" was just published in ACS Infectious Diseases.

(02/9/21): We are looking for 2 PhD students for Fall 2021. Contact for more information!

(01/09/21): Daniel's newest paper on "Estimating the Dynamic Range of Quantitative Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy" is now out in the Biophysical Journal.

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