Old Joe, or Somebody in de House wid Dinah
(Alternately: Old Joe, Ole Joe, Someone in de House wid Dinah)

For information on this song as part of the blackface minstrel tradition, please see
its page in The Juba Project's Minstrelsy Database.


Art Babayants, piano; Alison Jutzi, vocals; Dennis Patrick, sound technician.

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Old Joe Sheet Music


Verse 1
Old Joe come, an kick up a din,
At Garden Gate kase he couldn’t get in,
And Old Joe him rave & roar & him tear
And de color’d young Lady cry out_

Verse 2

Dinah came out and said to Old Joe,
You make such a noise you had better go,
Dis made Joe wild & him rabe & him tear,
And him take off him shoe & fling at de door

Who dere? Old Joe
what de Joe? yes de Joe.
Old Joe kicking up behind and before,
The yeller gal kicking up behind Old Joe
Dere’s someone in de house wid Dinah
Dere’s someone in de house I know
Dere’s someone in de house wid Dinah,
Playing on de ole Banjo.

Publication Information

British Library Shelf Number: H.1435(19)