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GLG2303 Earth System Evolution (graduate course)
Crucial environmental and biological changes occurred during the Precambrian-Cambrian transition. In this course we will review some key factors which may have influenced the emergence of animals using known fossil evidence, geochemical and sedimentological data and paleogeographic reconstructions. In addition, we will take a look at geologic events that resulted in progressive climate cooling over the past 55 Ma, ultimately leading into the ice age climate cycles.
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ERS315H5 Environmental Geology (SCI)
This course focuses on Earth processes as they relate to human activities. Topics include global climate change on short and long timescales; groundwater flow and contamination/human engineering of Earth processes; geological aspects of pollution and waste disposal; and environmental impact of extracting/using minerals, energy, soil, and other Earth resources. A field trip will give us first-hand experience in aspects of human/planet interaction. [39L]
Prerequisite: ERS202H5/203H5
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ERS321H5 Past and Present Global Change (SCI)
The goals of this class are to discuss the geologic record of climate change and present an overview of the methods used to reconstruct the earth's climate history and the techniques used to determine the timing of environmental changes. Topics to be addressed will include paleoclimatic reconstruction, climate and climatic variation, dating methods, and climate proxies. In addition, periods of past climate change will be highlighted with particular emphasis on climate change during the recent past. [39L]
Prerequisite: ERS201H5/ERS203H5
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