Peleoclimate and Geobiology Research Group

Coralline Red Algal Project

Image shows polished cross-section of coralline alga Clathromorphum compactum from Greenland with distinct annual growth increments (specimen had a life span of ~100 years)

Instruction on viewing the image:

Click to open image in order to see a virtual overview of a cross-section of a coralline red algae. Using the zoom functions on the upper bar of the browser or your mouse wheel you can zoom into the image and get a high-resolution view of the cell structure of the coralline red alga. By pointing and left klicking onto the image you can move to other areas of the algae. The Navigator window on upper left provides you with an overview of your actual position of the image. This system can be used for wide-variety of imaging purposes (both transmitted and reflected light) of objects up to 8.5x13 cm.

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