Gary W. Crawford F.R.S.C.*


I am an anthropological archaeologist specializing in archaeological botany and environmental archaeology. The field is known as palaeoethnobotany or archaeobotany. My current focus is East Asia where I am investigating the origins and intensification of agriculture. Actually, I’ve never strayed far from East Asia, having first travelled to Japan in 1974. After working there for many years it was logical to begin focussing on China too. I began to establish contacts there in 1986.

My Asian Research Summary 中文简介 page provides further details on the history of my involvement in archaeology and palaeoethnobotany of East Asia.

I have also investigated human and plant interactions in eastern North America (mainly Ontario and Kentucky with my first field experience being a foray into the wilds of Wisconsin). My work is informed by a comparative approach. The similarities and difference between Eastern North America and East Asia between 10,000 and 1000 years ago are especially intriguing.

  1. *Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada


At Nihewan Basin 2010

GWC and Tony Davis, Yoichi, Hokkaido, 1986

GWC, Shanghai, China, 2008