Women and Gender Studies Leads to ...

The WGS curriculum prepares students for a wide range of careers that rely on a solid understanding of issues pertaining to women and gender.  Students who take courses in Women & Gender studies gain valuable skills in research analysis, critical thinking, writing, public speaking, creative problem-solving, leadership, conflict resolution and team building. For students wanting to pursue a PhD, an undergraduate concentration in WGS is an excellent preparation for research on women and gender, for theoretical inquiry and for teaching jobs in Women & Gender Studies programs.

In addition, there are many fields for which understanding the complexity of gender is essential. The Ontario government has recently (fall 2011) introduced a Gender Studies course to its high school curriculum, this means that WGS should soon be a 'teachable' in Ontario faculties of education. In British Columbia, WGS is already considered a teachable as part of the social studies curriculum.

Examples of potential professions:

  • business
  • counselling
  • education
  • international relations
  • journalism
  • law
  • medicine
  • non-profit fund-raising for women's causes
  • public policy
  • publishing
  • religion
  • social service

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