Emergency Closure Guidelines

When possible, weather-related weekday and weekend closure decisions are made and communicated no later than 6 a.m. for full-day closure or by 3 p.m. for evening closure. If weather conditions deteriorate mid-day, closure decisions may be made and announced at other times.

A closure means: campus buildings are closed; classes, tutorials and practicals are not held; meetings and other scheduled events are cancelled; scheduled tests and examinations are cancelled, to be rescheduled; faculty, staff and students are not to come to or remain on campus (with the exception of students in on-campus residences and staff engaged in “essential services” as identified by the university); UTM shuttle buses are cancelled. If the closure is announced mid-day, the shuttle buses operate until an hour or more after the last class on the UTM campus.

Factors that are considered in making a closure decision include: the condition of local roads, pedestrian walkways, closures of Peel school boards and major Mississauga businesses, transit service interruptions, weather forecasts, etc.

Closure decisions are communicated through a selection of communication platforms, including Blackboard Connect, UTM homepage, UTM social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), digital display boards and local media outlets.

U of T St. George and U of T Scarborough make independent closure decisions that may differ from U of T Mississauga.

At all times, individual faculty, staff and students are reminded to use discretion when assessing the safety of travel between their respective locations and campus.  

Updated: Nov. 11, 2019