Messages to Ulli

Many members of our community have sent congratulatory messages to Professor Krull--would you like to share your thoughts with him?

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Hello Prof. Krull,
Congratulations on your success!    Keep Inspiring!!
Best Wishes,
-Seemein Saquib

Congratulations Prof Krull for becoming our ninth principal! Best wishes going forward. Your enthusiasm for this campus and for higher education spills over into all your actions and conversations. Congratulations on becoming UTM's ninth principal!

-Osama Saeed

Dear Principal Krull,
May I extend my warmest congratulations to you on this wonderful achievement, and allow me to include my sincere gratitude for taking up this important office. May your term be fruitful for the campus and joyous for you.
All best wishes,
-Boris Chrubasik

Dear Ulli: I can't think of anyone more deserving of this role, nor anyone who caused more rejoicing around campus than when the announcement was made - congrats!

–Ryan Cerrudo

Congratulations, Professor Krull!

Looking at the videos about this man, we'd say it looks like a good sense of humour, kindness and steady focus will lead UTM on its continuous positive path. Sincere best wishes! (parents of undergrad)

-Carolin Schmidt

Principal Krull,
A heartfelt congratulations on your installation. I cannot imagine anyone better suited for the job. I am excited and hopeful at the prospect of you leading UTM in the years to come.
Best wishes on the new journey.

-Alyssa Madrasto

Congratulations. A proud moment for us all in Chemical & Physical Sciences. How do you manage all this - teaching, research, Principal. A role model for all.

-Christina Fortes

Congratulations Ulli!  I have had the privilege to watch the campus grow into the jewel in the U of T crown and now with you at the helm I can only see that jewel becoming more brilliant.  I wish you the best of luck and I know you have many UTM alumni who will stand beside you tomorrow and in the future.  Me included. 

-Sue Prior

Congratulations Ulli.  I can't think of anyone I would rather have as our principal.  Sorry I won't be able to attend the ceremony tomorrow (work commitment) but I will be there in spirit!

-Susan Dixon

Hi Professor Krull,
   Let me start with saying, that I wasn't in any of your classes and I have never talked to you, but whenever I see you in the halls when you are walking, you always have a smile and you seem very approachable for students especially. I am very happy that you are going to be UTM's principal, and I think your finger push-up skills are awesome. Hopefully I will get to meet you or take one of your classes in the future!
Best of wishes,

-Saranya Sagi

Congratulations Ulli!  You are an excellent choice and have proven that you will be a terrific Principal. Very best wishes for continued success! 

-Kevin Yousie

So glad to have such a strong and honest leader investing in our UTM community. I look forward to see the direction we go in and how we grow.

-Julie Guindon

Hi Professor Krull,
Hope your doing great!!
How are UTM’s students treating you? Hope the new class isn’t giving you too hard of a time. :-) Congratulations on your appointment and I’m glad to see you continue to a permenant role. I wish you the best.
-Mohammad Amin

Congratulations and wishing you much success.

-Scott Laing

Dear Ulli,
Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment! Wishing you every success in this well-deserved role!
-Anita Stellinga

Congratulations Professor Krull!

-Stephen Brooke

It is amazing to see your transformation as you move through your life and career making significant indentation along the path of your travels. You leave legacies and stories amongst your students, coworkers, and with others in your personal life. I am so honored to know you as you continue to be an example of greatness and seemingly neverending accomplishments. You continue to inspire me and never ceases to amaze me.

Congratulations on this new journey!

-Alford Antoine John

Professor Krull: I have looked up to you ever since I met you. Your personality has motivated me to be a better person. It is inspiring how you make the most difficult of situations seem less complicated through your wisdom and guidance. Being a student in the MBiotech program gave me a sense of your leadership, but seeing and learning about your contribution to RIC Centre and the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Mississauga tells me that UofT Mississauga is in good hands and will continue to shine. I’m proud to be a UofT alum and proud to say that I have had the opportunity to work with you at RIC Centre. Congratulations!

-Amarpreet Kaur

Congratulations Ulli! I am thrilled you are at the helm at this important junction in UTM's history. it is always a pleasure to work with you!
Warm wishes on this occasion,
-Marc Johnson

Congratulations Prof Krull

-Amanjot Mundi

Congratulations Prof Krull!

-Rose Mary Craig


-Anjeza Rexha

Ulli - your energy, enthusiasm and leadership are inspiring.  Congratulations on this very special occasion.  I look forward to supporting your vision and aspirations for UTM in the years to come.

-Cindy Ferencz Hammond

“My best wishes to Ulli on his installation”

-Wendy Cecil

“Unfortunately, I will be out of town but wish to extend my congratulations and best wishes to Professor Krull on his new appointment.  I know that the University of Toronto Mississauga will be well served by his enthusiasm and considerable talents.”

-Annamarie Castrilli

Dear Ulli,

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the VPP Installation today, but I just wanted to say that I hope you have a wonderful time at the ceremony! Enjoy your day!

All the best,

Sanja Hinic-Frlog