NEW - SSHRC Grant-Writing Cohort Program

SSHRC Grant-Writing Cohort Program: Call for Faculty Participation


Thinking about applying for SSHRC Insight or Partnership Development Grant (PDG) for the Fall 2021 deadline? Please let us know!  

For those of you who have already signed up, you can access the folder of resources here:

SSHRC Summer 2021 cohort (only available to those who have been given access)

The Office of the VP Research (OVPR) has organized a SSHRC ‘buddy system’ for faculty members writing SSHRC applications over the summer of 2021. The goal of this initiative is to help you write a full draft of a SSHRC proposal by August 27, providing you with about 4 weeks to get feedback, revise the draft, and submit the proposal (also the first weeks of the semester). We will organize faculty into cohorts of 2-3, with a recommended timeline for completion, and support you over the summer to get a strong draft in place. We will ask a reader of your choice to review a draft of your grant in the last week of August 2021. We’ll kick things off with a SSHRC Insight grant-writing workshop in May 2021 and invite you to participate in the CDRS co-working series for faculty members looking for a dedicated time to write in a collaborative, virtual environment (Tuesdays-Fridays 9-11am). By August 27, grant writers will have a completed draft that they can share with a reader in their field for feedback, with time for revisions before the U of T internal deadline for SSHRC applications (late September for Insight).  

If you have applied previously and were unsuccessful, please let us help. With your permission and guidance, we will reach out to an appropriate reader for your unsuccessful application and help create an opportunity for feedback in May-June 2021. Just let us know! 

To express interest, please send us your name, department, and grant (Insight or PDG). Send this information to Carla DeMarco. Also, if you would like support on troubleshooting an unsuccessful application, let us know.