UTM Funding Application Repository

The UTM Funding Application Repositories are a resource for UTM faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and students who are applying for funding opportunities. They provide a broad range of successful grant and fellowship applications through a secure SharePoint site. We continue to expand and grow the repository’s offerings, and ask that you reach out if you’re hoping to access a specific grant that we don’t yet have available.

Please note that these repositories are being made available only to members of the UTM community.

Funding Repository Access

Access to the repositories is restricted to UTM faculty, postodoctoral fellows, and students. Access to the repository is a two-step process.

Faculty Members

1. For UTM faculty members, we ask that you read and agree to the Repository Terms of Use.

2. Once the above step has been completed, email Jessica Lapp (jessica.lapp@utoronto.ca) or Ana Pogoutse (a.pogoutse@utoronto.ca) with ‘UTM funding repository access’ in the subject line. You will then be added to the site. 

Postdoctoral Fellows and Students

For the UTM postdoctoral funding repository, please email Jessica Lapp (jessica.lapp@utoronto.ca) or Ana Pogoutse (a.pogoutse@utoronto.ca) with ‘UTM postdoc funding repository access’ in the subject line to be granted access. You will be asked to read and agree to a Terms of Use for this repository after which you will be granted access.


Contributing to the Repositories

The UTM funding repository has been made possible through the incredible generosity of the UTM research community. Thank you to everyone who contributed materials and offered their support for this project. We continue to accept successful grant and award applications, if you have materials that you’re willing to share, please send Jessica Lapp (jessica.lapp@utoronto.ca) or Ana Pogoutse (a.pogoutse@utoronto.ca) an email to get the process started.