Peter Kotanen

Image of Professor Peter KotanenOn this episode of VIEW to the U, Professor Peter Kotanen from the Department of Biology at UofT Mississauga discusses his research and current projects, which have “ecological interactions between plants and their natural enemies,” such as herbivores, insects, and pathogens, at their core.

But the chat is also infused with a couple of Peter’s tales from the field, in some of the wilderness in the northern parts of Canada, and for the second time on this podcast, we are privy to polar bear sightings in the Arctic. But he also has his own Gilligan’s Island-type story where he was shipwrecked on an island for days, with no movie star or millionaires in the mix, but at least one professor.

We also talk about geese – both the Snow Geese that are part of his research, as well as the Canada Geese that are living large at UofT Mississauga.

Peter is a Professor in the Department of Biology at UofT Mississauga and in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UofT where he studies the effects of natural enemies on non-native species, and has ventured to northern Ontario, the Arctic and Churchill Manitoba for his work.

He joined the faculty at UTM in 1996.

A full transcript of this interview is available.