Season 1 - UTM @ 50

Listen to some of the faculty members who have helped shape the research landscape at U of T Mississauga over it's history, their impressions of UTM and its growth, as well as what they see on the horizon for the campus. 

This first season focuses on a range of researchers from the great breadth of disciplines drawing from UTM's 15 departments (or as many as we can pack in to a year of monthly podcasts!).

Professor Ulrich Krull at the mic
Ulrich Krull
Professor Alexandra Gillespie
Alexandra Gillespie
Professor Ron Buliung
Ron Buliung
Professor Evonne Levy
Evonne Levy
Professor Rhonda McEwen
Rhonda McEwen
Dr. Christine Shaw
Christine Shaw
Anthropology Professor Gary Crawford
Gary Crawford
Professor Jodie Jenkinson from UTM's Biomedical Communications program
Jodie Jenkinson
Professor Mohan Matthen from the Department of Philosophy at UTM
Mohan Matthen
Professor Rebecca Wittmann
Rebecca Wittman
Professor Soo Min Toh
Soo Min Toh
Professor Loren Martin
Loren Martin
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2017: A (podcast) Year in Review