Karen Thiffault Staff Service Excellence Award

The Karen Thiffault Staff Service Excellence Award was established to recognize service to the University of Toronto Mississauga that exceeds job parameters. Through the efforts of these staff members, there has been noticeable improvement in specific areas at U of T Mississauga. Department Chairs and Heads of Departments are uniquely qualified and encouraged to recommend U of T Mississauga staff for this award. In choosing the successful recipients, the committee focuses on nominations for staff who have made a significant impact on life at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Nominations are encouraged for staff who perform roles that are both "behind the scenes" and "front line." The Karen Thiffault Staff Service Award Adjudication Committee may elect to award up to two awards each year, reflecting distinctions between staff roles.

The Award Recipient(s) will receive $2000 for staff development by individual in consultation with their manager.

Award Criteria

The award recognizes accomplishments of the candidate that are beneficial to the university community as follows:

  • Commitment to high standards & personal/professional integrity
  • Inspiration to students, staff, and/or faculty
  • Service to the UTM community

Past Winners




Teresa Cabral

Sharon Marjadsingh

Luisa Melo

Forensic Science

Historical Studies

Facilities Management and Planning


Claire Westgate and Rose Mary Craig

Myron Kulykowsky

Institute for Management & Innovation

Facilities Management and Planning

Maeve Doyle

Wendy Norman
Biomedical Communication Program at Biology

Office of the Registrar

Anna Reale

Donna Coulson

Office of the Dean

Chemical & Physical Sciences


Stephanie Sullivan

Visual Studies


Thomas Klubi

Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre


Sabrina Ferrari



Lisa Cheng



Sharon Carleton

Human Resources


Rosa Ciantar

Julie Waters

Language Studies



David Taylor

Technology Resource Centre


Dianne Robertson

English & Drama


Carmen Bryson

Research and Graduate Office


Sue Prior

Karen Thiffault


Computing Services


Grace Chung



Carolyn Moon



Jennifer Storer-Folt



Lucy Gaspini

Office of the Dean


Maryann Wells



Principal Nominators

Any individual or group at the University of Toronto Mississauga may submit nominations as the principal nominator. Nominations from students are encouraged. 

Nominators are encouraged to read the following guidelines carefully prior to submitting a nomination.

Nominee Eligibility

The award is open to all non-teaching support staff currently employed at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Individuals may be nominated for the award any number of times, but normally may receive the award only once.

Adjudication Criteria

The Karen Thiffault Staff Service Excellence Award is made on the basis of excellence in the broadest sense. Nominees will be considered for the award by the Adjudication Committee on the basis of outstanding performance in more than one of the following areas:

  • Commitment to high standards & personal/professional integrity
  • Inspiration to students, staff, and/or faculty
  • Service to the UTM community

Adjudication Committee Process

Members of the Karen Thiffault Staff Service Award Adjudication Committee will use their good judgment to weigh different facets of impact and different sources of evidence provided in the nomination package, as they see fit.

Nomination Package Requirements

A complete nomination package will include the following:

  • A detailed nomination letter from the principal nominator summarizing and outlining the nominee's specific accomplishments in the areas listed under Adjudication Criteria.
  • Two (2) additional letters in support of the nomination. Detailed examples of the efforts and accomplishments of the nominee in these support letters will strengthen the nomination.
  • One of the three letters must be from the nominee's Department Head or Chair.
  • The nomination letter must include the principal nominator's contact information.

Nomination Package Format

  • Please do not use staples.
  • The package can be submitted loosely, or paper clipped in an envelope.
  • Single-sided printing is recommended.
  • The nomination package must be submitted in a format suitable to be taken to the Duplication Centre so copies may be made for the Adjudication Committee members.

Deadline for Submission of the Nomination Package

The nomination package must be complete when submitted to the attention of Rong Wu, in the Office of the Vice-Principal Research (HSC-330).

Nomination packages are due Friday, May 31, 2019 by 5 pm.

Notes on Privacy & Confidentiality

  • Nomination packages will be disseminated to Adjudication Committee members, and the membership of those Committees will likely not be set until after the nomination deadline.
  • The successful nominee will be provided with a full copy of the complete nomination package (along with a congratulatory letter).
  • Successful nomination dossiers, including references, can be viewed on demand (by appointment) in the OVPR.
  • Please do not include confidential information in the nomination package.


Please contact Rong Wu (rong.wu@utoronto.ca) if you have questions about this year's Karen Thiffault Staff Service Excellence Award competition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ will be updated throughout the competition. Please refer back here regularly to stay
up-to-date if you are preparing a nomination.

When will I find out the competition results?

  • The Adjudication Committee usually meets in June or July, so you will hear one way or the other shortly thereafter. Only the principal nominators are notified; Nominees themselves are not directly notified.

If the nomination I submitted is unsuccessful, will I be provided feedback?

  • Principal nominators will be provided with the contact information of the Chair of the Adjudication Committee upon request. Requests for feedback should be made directly to the Chair.